Group Bookings

Aerial group sessions are perfect for team building, hen's groups, special events & birthdays.

At The Yoga Centre we specialise in made-to-measure corporate and group bookings. We tailor Aerial sessions to each group ~ from fun flying family bookings to team building professional sessions. 

We can arrange drinks & nibbles or tea & coffee in our studio for your session or recommend nearby bars and cafes as required.

CONTACT US to secure a time with one of our instructors

All group bookings are invoiced in advance in full, with 50% refund conditions should the session be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. 


Group of MINIMUM four (4) to six (6) students

$35 per person

Group of six (6) to nine (9) students 

$30 per person

Group of ten (10) to fourteen (14)

$26 per person

Group of fourteen (14) to twenty-two (22) students

{ *** Must be even numbers of students over 14 people as Aerial hammocks are shared for larger bookings *** TWO INSTRUCTORS are required for bookings larger than 14 students }

$22 per person

Minimum 4 people at $35 per person. 

Groups of less than four (4) people are priced at the hourly rate of $120 - to be split between 2 or 3 people as a group.

For individual tuition the session is a flat rate of $110.